Portraits of The New Woman

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Portrait of Margaret Oliphant



National Telephone Company switchroom in Portland Street, Manchester (22 May 1900)



Scanned image from the cover of Ann Heilmann’s New Woman Strategies. Portrait painting of Mona Caird in young adulthood, mid to late 1880s, reproduced by Jim Moran with permission of Mrs Huguette Henryson-Caird.



Portrait of Margaret Oliphant



Scanned image from the cover of The New Woman in Fiction and Fact: Fin de Siecle Feminisms Angelique Richardson (Editor), Chris Willis (Editor). Reproduces a photograph of Sarah Grand (1854-1943), who popularized the term ‘New Woman.’ The photograph, by R.W. Thomas is taken from The Cycling World Illustrated, Vol. 1 (19 April, 1896). It says the image is courtesy of the Horsham Museum: picture research by Image Select International.



Charlotte Perkins Gilman, c. 1900