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Nought can ye win but by faith and daring. --‘The March of the Women,’ 1911

Who is this New Woman, this epicene creature, this Gorgon set up by the snarly who impute to her all the faults of both sexes while denying her the charm of either–where is she to be found if she exists at all? – Sarah Grand


THE LATCHKEY is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal devoted to the concept of the New Woman, covering the lives and writings of New Women authors and figures, the representation of the New Woman in literature, culture, art, and society, proto-feminism and early feminist journalism, and current innovative scholarship on the New Woman. While the term ‘New Woman’ originated in England, the cultural phenomenon extended beyond Britain and we wish to explore its presence (or reasons for its absence) and influence in other countries and across disciplines.

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Co-Editors General for the journal:
Joellen Masters (Boston University, USA)
Sharon Bickle (University of Queensland, Australia)

Book Reviews Editor:

Steven Halliwell, (The Rivendale Press, UK)