The Michaelian
the michaelian

issue one: june 2009


When in January 2007 Steven Halliwell of The Rivendale Press offered to build a website for THE OSCHOLARS at, some years of difficulty for the journal came to end. The website enabled us to recreate THE OSCHOLARS and its sister journals SHAVINGS and RUE DES BEAUX ARTS, and just as importantly to expand certain sections of THE OSCHOLARS so that they became webpages or journals in their own right. This successful venture made it natural for us to offer a shelter to The Michaelian when this admirable initiative itself lost its home; and it is with very great pleasure that we welcome The Michaelian as one of our group. While it retains complete editorial independence, the hyperlinking and cross-fertilisation that is now made possible, will, we believe, benefit both The Michaelian and ourselves in our endeavours to report upon and to stimulate scholarship of the fin de siècle in all its manifestations. The hymn runs “We plough the fields and scatter.” We are happy to do the opposite.

D. C. Rose